Hi everyone - Concept Artist & 3D Generalist - Jacob Primeau


I have a BAH in fine arts and recently graduated from Sheridan college school of animation. I will be returning in Sept for the Digital Creature post-grad program lead by Dennis Turner (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Dragon Heart, Resident Evil and etc.) I am currently enrolled in a few CGMA courses. I am not often on CG Society, so here are a few links to my LinkedIn, Portfolio and Vimeo.

Feel free to contact me about anything.

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Welcome to CGSociety forum Jacob :slight_smile:

I had a brief look at your portfolio and it really looks amazing. You have a way with your art pieces that tell a story. Even if you don’t post a lot, this forum showcases a lot of artists who fall within categories where you could potentially form connections with or simply, engage in future collaborations with them, so, look through the gallery and follow people who inspire you. It is always nice to learn from others. Who knows, maybe something good will come your way. :grinning:


Thanks Sarah


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