HGUTL- Retro gaming wallpapers


Does anyone have a good experience or advice about an online printers?


So i’ve been away for a while, but i’ve got more to show…

I have made a whole new site so show off my works. I made it easier to find your favourite games by using the first letter as well…


I have made a few new ones as well…



Over the last year the set-up i’ve been making to handle all the sprites has gotten ever more complicated (it started off as basic mograph clones with a reflection).

More recently i have made 2.5d worlds to give proper shadows. And as of today i’ve re-written mostly everything, adding ambient lighting for the sprites & foreground objects to my system.

My latest, halloween related wallpaper can be found here…


I had a new idea i thought i’d test out here. Taking a shot from a film, clean it up & then replace the characters with the retro game versions of themselves…

It’s first first use of the camera calibration tool, had it for ages but never used it, great little tool… It made it much quicker to knock up the set.

the original plate…


I know i haven’t posted any of my artwork for a while, but i thought i’d return with a big one, the most famous of plumbers no less…

Different though as i’m testing out a whole new style here too. No Cinema 4D for a change!?

As such i’d love to hear what you think?


Here is my second in the series im working on, this time the fastest hedgehog in the world.


Next up is an Amiga classic…


So my first Amiga based wallpaper for a while, like many games i’ve been meaning to get round to him for a while & here he is. Continuing my series on going right…

More 3d ones coming soon…



My latest piece…



And my new one. For all those people out there with a masochistic feeling towards candles i give you…



An a new piece of work is unleashed on my site. Just going for classics here, what do you think?



It has been a while. So i’d love to hear what you think…

The arena is a 3d render with the 2D guys thrown in for good measure.

I’ve also been updating my xpresso rig with a little help from people. The rig makes it super easy to set up…

For example check out this fantastic python code for sizing a plane to its textures dimensions…


So i have finally gotten round to doing a new logo. It’s still a WIP so feel free to give it a good kicking…

What do you think?


Like all this, pretty cool.

Cartridge is cool for logo, not sure about the sprite though. Would look at a few other options for that guy.



I did do several versions of the cartridge logo…

Its been a while since i’ve done one of these. Got a special request for this one, & thought it would be rude not to oblige…


Its been a while but i thought i’d make some new wallpapers… Starting with a classic.


Start making a few more. This being the first.


& another. This was was super camp, right down to the name… Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja