Hey Wegg! Is there still a contest? Questions...



Is the contest still on as stated in the rules, meaning we will all render our dwarves in a common setting, or do we just render them as we please?

Will there be a thread to post the final images or do we post in our own WIP threads?

Are you alive or are you Memorex?

If you haven’t had time to make the setting for our models, just let us know. Someone else might be able to do it.



OH NO wegg is dead!!!:eek: :eek: :wink:

but seriously has anyone heard anything from wegg in the last few weeks?

I’d volunteer to make the set but Ahem modeling isn’t my strong suit (heck it’s a necessary evil as far as I’m concerned …) just in case wegg can’t be contacted before the weekend gets here perhaps a set from the Hash CD could be posted for use?

-David Rogers


good luck to everyone still in the contest!

Hope to be back, firing on all cylinders tommorow.

Ahem, back to the thread - why not just choose a set from one of the CD’s today?


No word yet…bummer. Maybe the chorus line set or the toys prj from the cd?


Errrrr… Am I missing something? Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of voting procedure? What’s going on? Wegg… WEGG…


Whats up with the voting? Not even a word? Hey Wegg if your to busy-please tell us. We wont be angry. Just want to know. Bunch of people created some killer work and want to win the prize!


Maybe someone should email him.


I did last night. Maybe if we don’t hear from him within a couple days we open the voting to anyone and everyone for maybe two days or so. Or we just don’t have a contest and just enjoy our feelings of accomplishment.





I won’t post any further to my thread as I didn’t finish within the deadline but maybe we should have a results thread on which the completed posed dwarfs are and people can choose.
A Friday GMT deadline of 12 o’clock for votes would do it.

Maybe add a Poll?

I don’t agree that we shouldn’t have a contest… I wouldn’t have put the effort in over the last month without the spur. If it doesn’t work as an official contest, let’s at least stick to our aim on this forum of doing something positive as well as venting steam.

The next stage is to open out an animation contest with the winning dwarf…


So, when will there be a poll to vote on some of the excellent entries?

And one thought, shouldn’t the last place person get the copy of the book? Just seems funny that the person who leasts needs it would get it. Just a thought.


Gimme a list of topics and I’ll make a poll.


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