Hey,how do you like this texture?



Do you find is as quality job ?



That depends. Is the goal of the gun to be photorealistic, stylizied or a video game asset?

Right now, it looks like all three. Especially like a Playstation 3 asset.

But if you want to make a game asset, it needs more optimizations. For example, the bullet cases are perfectly round, but the Revolver is less consistent.

How you textured the gun as well is using dated techniques. Read about PBR, and the purpose of each texture map (albedo/roughness/metal/normal bump). This looks like a diffuse only model that’s being lit by a single lamp.

In the real world, a gun like that would be receiving shading from the sun and the sky, with the metal bits being very shiny, any rusty parts being much more hard or matte, and wood or paint being somewhere inbetween.

Those wooden backdrops as well are not realistically reflecting light. Wood is an organic material, often treated with a thin coat of paint. As a result, it should have more blurry reflections from the scene around it.

All these critiques again, is if your goal was to make a video game prop.

If you want to target VFX like you see in movies and TV Shows, then the gun needs a lot more details based upon being viewed up close. Geometry should be more rounded , going as far as to add displacement maps to represent even finer detal (i.e wood grain or bumps on the grip handle). Texture assets should also be high resolution. Using 4K or 8K assets, typically at 32-bit quality.

Look into ray tracing & global illumination as well. Everything about the prop and scene itself needs to look indistinguishable from reality, that the human eye doesn’t get distracted by flaws.

This is actually quite achievable by googling for references of a real gun. If your final render does not match the proportions,texturing & lighting of the real world reference, then you must make changes to do it.

If you got the time, I would also try and watch this guy’s video on making photoreal assets. 1 ~ 2 hours sounds like a lot, but now a days, the demand for ultrarealism in games & movies is higher than ever.


One more thing I would like to add, I saw you made a previous thread that was about fixing your character model.

Be VERY careful with trying to mix Character Modeling, Prop Modeling or Environmental Modeling all at once.

I highly recommend picking one discipline first and getting good at it, before becoming a Generalist and doing them all.

This news might sound disappointing, but it will save you a lot of headaches in the future since it’s a lot of work to do.