Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), Mirim Lee (3D)


Title: Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)

Name: Mirim Lee

This is the likeness study that I started in Hossein Diba’s ZBrush class. After I finished sculpting the body mesh and adding FiberMesh hair in ZBrush, I wanted to try rendering her in a realistic style.
I ended up using Marvelous Designer for her clothing, and Maya 2016 with Arnold for rendering. It was my first time using both those programs, and it was a really fun experience!
I hope you like my work!


This is an amazing study and result. You should be very pleased with it!

I wish you all the best in your studies and future creative efforts.

Take care,



looks pretty great as if seeing the real thing.


Did I read it right, first time working with Maya and Marvelous Designer? - WOW!


Very good work. Looks exactly like Hermione.

The shading/rendering of the hands is a bit off.

The hands are bit too plastic-looking. Some nice skin texture might fix that.

Great work though. You have talent.


Looks like she’s leading an orchestra.
Great work btw.


@ChameleonScales Maybe a magical orchestra! Thank you :)!

@skeebertus Yes, I agree! Actually, I wasn’t careful enough for her posture at the beginning, because I was learning the progress too. I also tried DOF, but it didn’t turn out well… Hope I will do better for the next piece :)! Thank you for the feedback!

@sacboi Aw, Thank you! I like to try new tools and techniques, it makes me feel fresh!

@Nintendians Thank you, Teng :slight_smile:

@Robertt Thank you for your kind words, Robert!! It was a new challenge to myself, and I’m happy that I tried :)!


This is brilliant!! :smiley:


I’d like to 3D print this model for a girl in my daughters school having a Harry Potter themed birthday and Hermione is her favorite character… Can I download it somewhere or can you send it to me?


Hi!, Thank you for your interests.
Unfortunately, this model was not for 3D printing, just only for my own study. I can not provide 3D data… I’m sorry.


It is not available for purchase either? I absolutely love it, even though it wasn’t designed for 3D printing, it sure can be 3D printed and painted.