Her Dream, His Dream


well, there isnt any 2d or 3d art work that i’m going to show… but writen short story for my up coming animation project.

pls mind my english if there is any error…

my targeted audience are age of 12 and above

As a child, our mind is always full of dreams
As we grow up, we start to realise that some of our dream are fictional but some are achievable
but somehow things are changing. The future is getting more unpredictable
fiction is becoming reality, and so do our dream changes in time

Title: Her Dream, His Dream

His dream is to fly in the sky

Her dream is to walk on the land

Our dream had created them

This story tells the dream of 2 human species

He who has a dream to fly in the sky,
She who has a dream to walk on the land

One fine morning, he met her on the shore while doing his daily routine (delivering a basket of fish to the market).
She swims in the sea, he walked on the shore.
She is following behind him curiously
He noticed her present, and tossed a fish to her.
She jumps out of the water like a dolphin to catch the fish.
He is surprised by her move, and started to talk to her

He talks about his dream

She tried to express her dream

He promised to bring her a flower

But she disappeared

10 years later
He is a man who piloted the aircraft, and has a dream to fly the spacecraft

She is a lady who sell flower on the land, and has a dream to have a pair of wing

please give me all ur critiques, comments, feeling, opinions… shoot me as hard as you can.


Really cool concept. Especially for the age group you are targeting.

The relativity of goals, striving for ambitions, seeking guidance, its all in there.

Any illustration/painting to go with this?


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