Help with Texture Projections


I’m trying to create an effect where a radial ring emanates from the center of a heart, but I haven’t figured out how to do it. I put a circular gradient on my heart 3d model with a flat UV projection, and moving the coordinates shifts the center of the circle rather than making the ring emanate. See this video below:

The video at the very bottom is what I’m aiming for. You can see my setup at the top.

Any idea how to make the gradient emanate outward? Here is my c4d file:
heart circle ring emanate.c4d (953.2 KB)


No one has any ideas?


How good is your XPresso? I’d try cycling the knot positions of a gradient.


Sorry for the late response, yes, I’m still interested in figuring out that heart texture projection. Unfortunately my Xpresso is not that good.


I’ve “translated” a solution I made with Python to XPresso, I hope you know enough XPresso to customise it to your needs.It repeats the same steps for every gradient knot: adding a value to the original position depending on the scene time (and checking if this value is under 1.0 - that’s the maximum value for a knot). The object “heart” has a user datum (is this the singular for “data”? No idea) for controlling the speed.

I’m here for questions,

beating heart1bxpresso.c4d (1.1 MB)


I understand now. I didn’t even know you could move gradient knots with xpresso. I do understand xpresso well enough to see what you did here. This will be extremely helpful to me going forward. Thank you!


I am glad you finally got your help here.