Help with Lagoa fluid simulation


Hi guys! :wavey:

So, Im running this fluid sim using lagoa and while for the most part the simulation looks ok, when the particles fall they look like they are moving in slow motion? They are not falling as fast as you would expect. Any idea what would cause that/which parameter affects this?

Thanks for any help!

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Maybe Gravity?


Hi Bullit, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, gravity was the first thing I adjusted. Isnt there anything else besides gravity that is affected?
When you have a liquid container that is 20 meters high and one that is 2 meters high, there must be more than just the gravity that is different…


See if this does help:


Erm… that topic was also made by me (is identical)…


Freefall speed is determined by three things.
The strength of gravity acting on the particles.
The mass of the particles (which acts as a multiplier for the gravity)
The resistance the particles encounter from air (drag factor/drag force).

Tweaking those three is where it’s at.


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