Help with 2D animation, please...


Ok thanks !

I forget to tell it was a 2D animation software.
I didn’t know Adobe create one.

I look for a professionnel non vector animation 2D software.
I’m tired to use photoshop animation system (this is for video game 2D animation).

I will try TV paint.


I’m curious to know the name of the adobe animation soft in the photo (see my previous post).

Does anyone know it ?


Maybe it’s from the new Photoshop CS6? Beta is out ( ). I’ve downloaded the beta, but had no time to install it, yet.


I’m a big TVPaint fan now, it’s my main choice for 2D but it’s not free.

If you want free, I helped develop some scripts for 25fps frame by frame animation for GIMP; find it here

It should work fine with GIMP 2.8 and I made this bit of animation for my gradfilm with it. Give it a go.


Guys i need some help here. I use toon boom studio for some basic animation. And in my current project, clients have requested realistic look smoke effect that comes out of an idle cigar. the scene is basically a guy holding a lit cigar in his hand. They didnt like the cartoonish look for the smoke. So basically, the scene remains 2d but the cigar smoke wants to be realistic. Im not too much familiar with the 3d environment so dont know where to look for help. And here I am. I have done some video composting in vegas studio, but i dont think that would help.

The effects in TBS itself are not that great, so was looking for another software through which I can accomplish the above scene. I looked up some time ago, and found out about liquid and particle systems to create smoke, but not sure which one would be appropriate.

Im on a tight budget at the moment, so cannot spend too much cash. Hopefully looking for a free solution for now. Good thing is that the deadline is still in the distance so I am ok with learning a new software right now.

Any help will be appreciated.


hey razorr,

this thread is really really old! that said, I do a lot of smoke effects with after effects. Red giant particular is a great plugin that handles smoke really well depending on what you are going for. The particle systems within after effects are ok in a pinch but not spectacular. you can also go full 3d with something like maya or 3d max. both of these have really good particle systems that would get the job done. if money is an issue, you can also try blender which is a free 3d tool. good luck.


I could try with my Dogwaffle Howler. There’s a bunch of ways to make animated smoke trails or moving clouds with the new particle modeler too. Do you have a few frames of the clip that show where the smoke needs to be and what sort of look, movement, direction, density, turbulence…?



TVPaint is indeed tops. There’s also PD Howler, much cheaper, but focused on different things, such as, it has layers but not auto-opaque layers, and not animated layers, but you can carry an animation in the brush as well as in the swap bugger and do magic with that. It also has GPU-based 3D pipeline for landscape (think quick mountain scene bacnkgrounds) rendering. And lensflares to die for. The frame painter is pretty neat, if you have 3-4 images and want to turn it into a 1-minute movie that lives (wiggles).


I’m looking to start animating in 2D as well. Anyone have suggestions for free (or low cost) software I can use?
Theme suggestions are also appreciated.


Not free but low cost: has PD Howler. In fact there is also a free version based on v8.2 for home use, learning edition so to speak. Try and see if you like. If you like to draw with a tablet and create animations frame by frame it should be usable. There’s much mroe to it though. See the latest evrsion 9.5 and 9.6 features for example, with lots of greenscreen compositing focus and 3D landscape creation with erosion, sediments, clouds etc… for background and fly-through as well.

Perhaps a good way to assess what’s possible with Howler is this trailer based on v9.5:

That one is a bit more oriented towarsd game developers, content creation in such that is.


Oh, addendum: just a quick note, this goes back to v5, there is a Frame painter, for some types of animations this is very useful. From just a few (2-4) frames you can easily populate an animation of frames that lasts many seconds.

here on youtube:

The Cowboy shorts were done with the Framepainter, in part.

Here’s a more recent look with v9.5’ish : (My name is Mush)

The finished animation:

the challenge was to create a 20-second animation from just one image.
That image can have a lot of details and by using parts of those and flipping them sideways you can create a few base images and then the Framepainter can further wiggle it to make it look alive.


its Incredible


Just in case this one hasn’t been mentioned yet, I just heard about OpenToonz, the open source version of Toonz the software used by Studio Ghibli, from an article on Cartoon Brew. I haven’t used it myself, but figured it was worth a mention on this thread about free software.

 The software can be downloaded at the above linked OpenToonz website, but here are some additional Github links from the Cartoon Brew article:
 Issues: [](
 Dwango Plugins: [](
 Plugin Utility: [](


2d animations made in Spine


Toon boom is the go to isn’t it?


Check this out its free 2D software!!:slight_smile:


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