Help with 2D animation, please...


I’ve been using TAB, its pretty nice, but it lack the easy and normal vector editing tools. IE you can’t create a shape point by point, you have to actually draw it out. Plus you can’t view the points at all to edit them. Although it has other tools that suffice, they are not as precise as I wish. That’s the only bad part I see about TAB. Currently using it for sprites for a fangame. Wish me luck!


Like the guy said we just want a 2D animation program for ARTISTS, and by that we mean people who want and can draw and ink and add sound. Just like autodesk animation studio
or pro (I got both) but that work with sound on todays computers. Mirage got me excited but it has so many useless to artists features for TV switcher jockeys that the program appears useless like other skitzophrenic 2D animation programs. And no. I dont need a program that draws only lines and animates them! Wow! Because when programs add a bunch of anti-artist features they always screw the artist and the program just messes up.


IMHO mirage is the video toaster without the hardware and may be why they
left Newtek…just what I believe. So how about a 2D animation program individual
artists can afford (read above entry).


I don’t really understand this, could you explain? I’m looking for free animation and coloring software.


Little naive no? Basically he was saying do 2D animation the traditional way. some paper a pen (really a pencil dunno many who do it with a pen) your brain and your eyes.


im subscribing to this thread… im keen on 2d animation… as now i am doing layer by layer in photoshop, and get my bro to composite them in shake, since i dont have that program… cheers for the links.


Well I downloaded Mirage trial and tried it, and the 2d animation tools seem
pretty good. I admit I did a pretty limited test, as i’m working on the 3D
cgtalk grand space opera challenge. My 30 day test is up. If I decide to get
a 2D animation package i’ll get this one…but I may just stick with 3D. I’m
into too much already.

My 3D Grand Space Opera entry


It sounded very interesting to me. But when I opened the link I was greatly disappointed. Miscrosoft has got its filthy hands on this product. No revolution in vector drawing will happen…


Although not “free” Mirage is now available for a 30day Trial period. Which unlike their previous version is fully functioal and does not put a nasty watermark on your stuff. This is the program to use for 2d animation especially if you want the classical hand drawn look - ie not vector.


Howdy folks. As a Mac user I don’t have PAP. Can anyone tell me what advantages PAP has over something like After Effects? That’s currently the program I use for 2d animation.


PAP is a 2d animation program for drawn animation.
AE is a composition program… you cannot draw in AE

if you want to do drawn animation on your mac, check out Mirage. Its much more versatile then PAP


Thanks Peter, but I’m fully aware of what After Effects is. Technically, you can draw in AE albeit tedious to the N-th degree.

Allow me to elaborate, what I was asking was; what would I gain by having my images (how ever created) in PAP rather than AE. With Photoshop I can clean up frames and carry through to AE easily enough. I can then output my animation and control the rate as I please. I hope that’s clearer, if not let me know.


what I was asking was; what would I gain by having my images (how ever created) in PAP rather than AE.

answer: (practicly) nothing.

Pap was designed to Create the drawings in
not to handle them once you have them there (maybe apart from some timeline handling)
(Photoshop has no playback ability, so in that sense you could use PAP as sort of a linetester…? )

al is geared towards optimal digital drawnanimation conditions
any postproduction, even coloring(!) should be done in other apps


Hi Yosemite!

I can tell you that PAP will actually be ready and released for Mac OSX later this year.


#95 Has All the Necessary tools to become a Professional 2d animation, Good luck!


Try this… its very good 2D animation software and its very easy to understand how it working!


Hi guys!

PAP is now out as beta in its 4.0 version! Try the awsome zoom tool…



One thing im not clear on as regards PAP is this;
I usually do my Artwork in Photoshop, and I was thinking of adding music and Animation to them. Basically it would be some Panning or zooming around still images with a few bits of actual Framed Animation within, all put to music.
Can I do this with PAP?
If not, what would you all recomend?

What can you output to with PAP?


so i conclude that i can draw and plan out the animation in pap, colour and finalise the frames in photoshop and then put together and render in after effects…
just a few questions: What files can you save it as in pap, jpg???
could you start a frame in photoshop and then take it into pap??? say create a jpg/bmp and then import into pap…
i will be looking on the pap forum etc for my answers and ansking my silly questions but i just wanted to ask here in case, i am doing a short 3d anim, i want to work in more pixel than vector, i like drawing in photoshop nice detailed pics and to animate these would be great, 20 sec animation, is pap and after effects the correct way to go???
Last of all–could i render out of premier instead of after efects, could i do enough in pap and photoshop to be able to render out a decent 2d short in premier???
thanks for all the previous posts, im getting there!!


You can use TGA or tiff, png and other image format thith Alpha channel. Its need to compositing at AE, primere. Format Jpg or bmp not have alpha - you cant normally working thith this.
for information: CAS animo anderstud PAP format to import. In CAS animo you can Ink & paint yor shorts, work thith Xsheet. Compositing your scenes and render it to any format from TV to 2K,4K e.t.c.
sorry for my not good english.