Help with 2D animation, please...


Not sure if anyones posted it already but a good free compositing/compiling tool I use at work is VirtualDub.


Some time ago I promissed to get back to you guys, when I had written some tutorials for PAP.

I’m sorry for my “speed” - but here are my first 4 lessons… :slight_smile:

Please also visit our forum:

I would love some feedback on the tutorials before they go on the PAP website frontpage… Am I going too fast or too slow? Is it a too basic level or too technical or what is it?! :slight_smile:




Helloo? Anybody here? I feel so alone… :cry:


Those are great tutorials NielsKM. I haven’t looked at PAP in a little while, I’ll have to read those tuts and play around again.


Allright! Thanks for the quick responce and your kind words on my crying post!! :slight_smile:

I’ll look forward to your comments if you get the time to take a closer look. Thanks.


So, when is that Pap linux vertion comming out? I’m having alot of fun learning with the shareware vertion, but having to reboot into windows just ruins the experience:hmm:

I’l be happy to beta-test the demo, i’m not very busy right now:shrug:


Hi Mazer.

It’s really only a matter of days untill we have a quite stable beta version of the PAP Linux version!

Send me your email and we’ll talk about beta testing… :slight_smile:


Hi, maybe it’s too late for the answer but in case you don’t know yet about the software that commonly used, maybe you can try software retas!PRO. That name is commonly used in animation company and easy for those who already familiar with 2d animation.




What about the Mac version of Pap? I haven’t noticed any on the site.
Couse for me it would be better to have it for mac.


Hi Majstor.

I’m sorry I can’t give you any real info about a possible Mac version. At the moment we are concentrating on the Linux version and the next release.

A Mac OSX version shouldn’t take that long to create, though - once we have the Linux version and all the stuff we are writing at the moment…

But we will have to get a feel of how many Mac users are actually interested in a 2D animation package like PAP. We’ve had many people contacting us about it - but not THAT many. :slight_smile:


Thank you NielsKM

I understand, that there aren’t so many mac users asking. And I would be interested in OS 9 version, what I suppose you wouldn’t bother with, as there are more users using OS X and very little aplications are made for OS 9 now.

I also am not so serious about using PAP, it’s more that I’d like to test it on mac, where I have a tablet installed, and try to do as much there.

Thank you again.



I’m a classical animator. What is currently use in most studio is the software Flipbook by digicel.
A lot of pples are using it in many studios as Disney, WB…
U can buy it from the website for a cheap price depending on ur needs.
Anyway just check it out


Dominic, Are you using it as simply a linetester or for actual DIP. Many studios are or have used it, and its taught at a lot of institutions, but rarely is it used for anything more then a line tester. and it should be noted their is a free application available (suspiciously similar to digicels product) that is available for free for linetesting too. its called taptoons. now don’t get me wrong I"m not dissing digicel as an app, its one of the best line testers out there imo, taptoons definitely isn’t as good either (but its free)

But as a DIP program or for actually drawing animation in, its not an ideal app.

Digital video the makers of Toonz have released their new paperless app, definitely superior to toonboom (its what toonboom claimed they’d be)

I know what I’m buying soon :slight_smile:


yea but it used to be 99 bux a few months ago, i KNOW (trust me)
but for some reason (maybe more ppl are buying) they’ve increased the price to 495 us dollars…HOW…HOW…ughhh

and oh yea, they had an animation contest (deadline was dec. 2003) and they were gonna give the best animation a copy of the program, but since it wasn’t known at ALL, almost no one participated and they extended the deadline 2 times

but even with all this, it is a good program (IT actually has a camera)
seach earlier threads to know the real truth


I’m writing a review of the tab for, I"ll make sure to let you know about it when its up.


Hello Kaiskai,
very interesting threat you have here

i’m a paperless 2D animator
i knew “Pap” already and just checked out “The Tab”
which looks verry nice, although on first glance it does not really seem suitable to produce animation in, it looks more like the ultimate storyboard tool.
but i’m not sure, from what i could tell from their site the drawing tools seemed rather limited.
i guess i’ll have to await your review

i work mainly with “Mirage” a program that i missed on your list
i can recommend you to check it out.
like Pap it allows paperless animation with excellent lightable but it offers so much more

another Profesional package i have worked with but is not in your list is "celaction2D " also definately worth checking out



I’m having a problem when running the Wacom version of the shareware PAP. The first time I loaded it up, it would not respond to my wacom, and the only button that worked was the menu one I had assigned which forced the program to minimize. I then had to end the task as it would not respond to any input :frowning:

I tried the mouse version, and it loaded my wacom and mouse fine, but the pressure did not work on the wacom pen, so I quit and loaded up the wacom version again. It worked! But then I clicked the menu button and when I clicked the window in the task bar it no longer responded to any input and I had to end task again :S

Any suggestions? It looks pretty cool, I was just about to try changing the size of my eraser when I broke it hehe :smiley:

Edit: Oh ya, I have a brand new Wacom 4x5 Graphire 3 :slight_smile:


Hi DracoNB!

Here’s a cut&paste from the FAQ at

Q: PAP freezes moments after I opened it!

A: This seems to happen with Windows 2000 and XP. It’s a known ‘issue’ with the Wacom drivers and Windows Wintab. The best work-around is to disable ‘Show Web Content’ from the Active Desktop settings in Windows. If you use a backdrop on your desktop, make sure it’s BMP format for it to work after disabling the web content. Another work-around is to press Alt-Tab back and forth when PAP freezes, and it will work again.

Hope this will help you! :slight_smile:


Wow thanks for the quick responce :slight_smile:

I’ll try it out when I get home from school, it looked like a real fun program to use :). And yep, I’m using XP and a jpg background :wink:


[font=Arial]Why don’t you try the TAB. It is for free only for 15 days but it can be useful for you if you have a short time project. You can download it at Good luck![/font]