Help w/ AOV's and Takes


Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a way to turn of AOVs for certain Takes?

I’ve also run into a problem where a Beauty AOV renders, but I don’t have it in the AOV list… why would this happen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated… thank you

  1. Which render engine are you using? This will have an impact on the response as Arnold, Vray, Redshift and Octane all handle AOVs differently.

  2. You can’t affect render settings with takes. You need to make a new render setting (per take, if necessary) and assign that to the respective take.


hello… thank you for your reply.

I’m using Redshift. I’m also trying to determine when to use Regular Image vs Multipass Image. If I’m rendering Takes with no AOVs, do I still use a Multi-Pass Image setting?

Do I use both? Its a bit confusing… :joy:

So, Takes that I do not want AOVs to render with, need a Render Setting with all the AOVs disabled… yeah? ok simple setup.

Thanks for the help


If you have no AOVs, then there’s no need for multipass. Takes can’t affect render settings, so they have no bearing on multipass.


thank you