Help to build a new workstation in 2019


Hello guys,

I need help choosing the components of my new workstation. I currently work with a laptop but I’m thinking of switching to a Desktop PC purely for modeling and realtime tasks.

I work with Maya / Arnold, Substance suite, Quixel, ZBrush, Unreal Engine and Marvelous Designer / CLO simulations.
I really don’t care about VFX or 3D animations.

My budget is around €2.500 what would you suggest?


A bit more but a good starting point


Thanks jojo but the list is private


A good overall solution (monitor included)
PCPartPicker Part List


fixed :wink: sorry


I really like this config, I will use it for a backup machine thanks for sharing


do these two configurations allow me to update them over time? I don’t want to have to change PCs every year, can i upgrade it easily?


Both are upgradable to a point. In my build you could double or quadruple the RAM amount, add a 2nd gpu and install a better cpu in the future from current generation (like the upcoming 3950X), or the next gen Ryzen (4000 series), with the precondition that AMD keeps the backwards compatibility available for them (which, traditionally does).

For the Threadripper build, there are somewhat greater upgrade potentials, but as far as I know, the upcoming 3000 series will need new motherboards to run (I’ve read about new socket and chipset releases).

What is your main concern about upgradability?