Help to animate or deform an object in 3dmax


Well I’m new in the 3D world, I’m from Spain and sorry for my bad English …
I have basic knowledge in 3dmax 2018.

I need to make a video as my first job and the client wants it to look exactly like this video: and I need help to achieve it .

The first problem I encountered was that I don’t know with which editor in 3dmax can manage to deform an object in such a way as if I were folding clothes.
tried with several editors but when deforming the object to bend it the other polygons are also affected.

so that you understand me better in the video in the minute 1:58 in the video, you see that a synthetic material is folded and you can unfold it and then deform the object with gravity: = -rmQ … ature =

I not do that kind of animation and me would also like to know how he could animate a zipper by opening and closing.