[HELP] Need help with MotionBuilder/3ds Max Integration...



I need some expert help… I’m using MotionBuilder 2014 and I have brought in a 3ds Max 2011 CS Biped rigged character and characterized it in MotionBuilder and successfully re-targeted a game animation onto the MotionBuilder FBIK rig. It’s not perfect yet, and needs some cleanup… but I wanted to just test out the pipeline workflow of taking that MotionBuilder animation back into 3ds Max 2011 and update the CS Biped animation (using FBX).

I used the PythonTools to export the FBX as 2011 format. But when I try to import the FBX file and “update the scene elements” the BIP01 object seems locked down and not animating so the animation seems pinned at BIP01.

But this is not correct… in MotionBuilder the the Character animation plays correctly (minus the needed cleanup).

If I import the FBX file as a completely new scene then the FBX animation imports into 3ds Max 2011 exactly as plays in MotionBuilder-- but this creates a boned-skeleton and no CS Biped… this is not how I want to do it.

I"m new to MotionBuilder, will someone please help me work the bugs out of my pipeline workflow? Please?


I think that you need motion builder and 3dsmax to be in the same version in order to the update works, but that is just a guess.

What you can do is to bake your animation in motion builder and export it as a BVH file. Then you can import it in the biped with the “load motion capture file” in biped’s motion capture menu inside the animation tab.