Help me understand syflex



I’m relatively new to syflex, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I’m trying to do a simple (maybe not so simple?) piece of cloth unfurling. I’ve done the syflex tutorials and read through the docs and just cannot figure out what to do to get good results.

Basic specs. The cloth is about 76 cm long (30 inches). I used the syflex provided preset of “cotton-centimeter-gram-30fps” for my cloth settings. Gravity is set to -1.09 as per syflex docs.

For one, my cloth keeps clinging to itself in a way that cloth would not do (unless it were made of velcro). I’ve tried changing the self envelope value, but that doesn’t help much.

Also, the cloth falls WAY too slowly. Based on this sim it takes about 5 seconds for a piece of cloth this size to unfurl when it should really be about a second.

Of course I tried changing the settings from these dfaults, but nothing I tried looked good. At this point I feel like I’m randomly inserting values and not making sound decisions. I’ve attached a zip file with a Maya file in it for anyone to look at that cares to try and help me.

Thanks in advance.


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