[Help] Maya Toon Outline wont animate


Hello I am new here and just had a question I couldn’t find an answer to anywhere else so thought Id give a forum a shot.
Now to the point: I’m working on a text animation in Maya and I really liked the effect of the toon outline on it but every time I try to animate the text the outline leaves the text and gets locked on the last set frame. Its been really bugging me hope someone can help.


How are you animating the text? Simple translation/deformer animation on text that has a toon outline works OK for me.

It is possible the toon line is being created from intermediate construction history. If you look at all connections to the toon node in the hypergraph, is the input connection to the toon from a visible mesh node?

Or it could be an update issue of some sort. Sometimes typing dgdirty -a will force a graph update in these cases. If it was perhaps a viewport2.0 pfx draw issue it might help to convert toon to poly. There were some pfx issues with parallel graph evaluation…if that is your problem then try setting Prefs:Animation:EvaluationMode to DG.