Help - Maya Renderman - Denoise Issue



I use Maya 2018 with Renderman 22.3

Everything looks great when I use IPR to check what my scene looks like (the denoise option is ON and does a pretty good job).

If I want to launch a Batch Render, the local queue window pops up but nothing is in the queue. I have no Error message. The Batch render just don’t launch for some reason. The workaround I found was to launch it with Maya’s menu (not Renderman’s menu): I just don’t see it in the Local Queue but the Batch Render is actually working.

My new issue is that all the rendered frames are completely black… I managed to “fixed” it by deactivating the Denoise option but then the result is not good enough. So I would like to find a way to make it work with Denoise ON. Again, it works fine with the IPR so I might be missing something…

Thank you for the help!



probably get better answers on the renderman support forums, not the general discussion here


Thank you for your response sentry66.
I already wrote on
I haven’t found a Renderman topic on cgsociety forums. Where would you recommend me to ask that kind of question?



The denoise function is a post process. Renderman will render all your frames, save them and then do run the denoise afterwards. You will have each frame twice in the output folder.

The black frames are actually not black. They are deep-exr frames. You can extract the data from them in your composition app.


Thank you for your help CosmicBear, that’s really useful.
So as I only have 1 file per frame in the output folder, it means that the denoise didn’t run, right? Is there a way to manually run just the denoise pass?

Also, do you know how I could extract the data from the exr file in PS or AE?

Thanks again!


Now, when I run IPR I have an Error popping out:

|[INFO ]|No main image for D:/_project/images/05_v001_t01/05__main_cameraShape_beauty.0001.exr. context=‘000002809B3898A0’|
|[ERROR ]|Denoiser failed: Invalid value (Details: Function “_rtCommandListExecute” caught exception: Error in DLDenoiser post-processing stage. input_buffer and output_buffer have an unsupported format combination.)|

Do you know what could cause " input_buffer and output_buffer have an unsupported format combination" by any chance?