Help! Mapping complex irregular UV's in C4D


Hi! First time posting here, but I really need some help with UV’s.

I’m working with complex amorphous meshes (lots of polys) based on wrapping objects with a cloth and then texturing the mesh in Substance. The thing is, no matter how it try to do it, when unwrapping the mesh for UV mapping, I always get radically different UV’s sizes which then, when working in Substance, result in different scaled regions when applying textures. Is there a way to get more evenly sized UV’s in C4d? Thank you! Apologies for any errors in 3d terminologies, sadly, I’m not a 3d artist ( I admire you guys so much).

Attached is a screenshot of the UV’s in C4d (site doesn’t let me upload more than one image).


Could you upload a lowpoly version?


Sorry for the late reply. Here it goes (hope it works)

PO_test_01_lowpoly.c4d (403.6 KB)


Could you please export it to OBJ or FBX?


Sure, sorry. Here you go:

PO_test_01_lowpoly.obj (383.0 KB)


1.obj (339.2 KB)
I just pelted it with the seam in the center. I used Uvlayout, but I think other pelt method would do.
You can experiment with seam placing. I think you can make less seams, but I would definitely use pelt unwrap.
I would make seams where they go in real life in cloth, and place loops correspondingly.


Thank you! It definitely seems the right way to approach it, though the problem of seams persists as I’d like to avoid texture break, but looking at it as ‘real life’ cloth could help to solve that. Cheers


You can’t avoid seams at all. You can experiment with seams placing, as pelt works fast.
If you see it only from one view, you can hide the seams off-camera. If not, then you’ll have to carefully project textures where seams go to minimize its appearance.
You can try to cut an x split from one side, I think it would be easier to hide seams, but it depends on the texture pattern.