HELP! I have a Lighting issue


Hi, i need immediate help with solving a problem withing my scene. im trying to animate a simple camera sweep over some mograph metallic texts. However, the lighting only hits one set of text properly and the other looks as if there isnt any lighting in the scene at all. i have a sky with a HDRI set up as my lighting source, global Illumination and A.O. on.

I thought i messed up on the 2nd set of words, so what i did was duplicate the SAME SET of words and retyped what i wanted…the duplicated text stayed dark. What am i missing???

I’ve attached a Ref pic. Thanks in advance.


At first, I thought the normals were inverted but if you’re using the same setup for the type it can’t be.
Probably the HDRI map in that area is darker.
Have you tried just for testing replacing the HDRI map with a simple gradient to see if the light is even? This way you can nail down the problem. Or, even simpler, just rotate the sky and see if the dark area moves as well.


Thx for the quick reply! I thought the exact thing. and i rotated the crap out of the Sky…until i duplicated the exact same text, hide one and rendered it…Look at the results.


I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Top is with the original type and bottom with the duplicated one?




Any chance you could share the scene?


I would if I could, but i cannot.


So two sets of text, exact same material, different lighting? Cause the materials look totally different – one seems to have a brushed effect and the other is glossy with a slight bump.


Thanks for the reply. Two sets of text, exact same material, exact same lighting. the entire scene is lit with a HDRI on a Sky. please take note that i did not change anything within the material settings, neither did i move/rotate the sky on the reference pictures. The texts in the picture examples you see are literally duplicated (which includes the same materials).


Is there any animation at all? I mean, the material being animated maybe?

And I know it sounds like asking trivial questions, but without looking at the scene it’s hard to tell what’s going on. So, next question: even though you just duplicated the original type setup, could you check the normals in the duplicated type to make sure they’re pointing outwards?


The camera is the only thing that’s animated. i checked the tracks on all other objects and materials to make sure that nothing has key frames to move. And i also checked normals as well, everything is good. I also just tried to start from scratch by dropping in all new Mograph texts to see if that would help…it still shows up as non-illuminated.


Must be some sort of bug then; that doesn’t make any sense. Have you tired cutting and pasting it all into a new scene?


Another possiblity is that the original was in a light’s exclusion list, a new copy wouldn’t be


If you won’t upload a scene file … how are we to help ?
There are so many variables that apply to your scene
that it’s impossible to guess it 100%. However, There are highlights
on the edges of the dark type … so something isn’t aligning.

I’ve done a quick scene and don’t have the same “dark” front type.


THAT WAS THE PROBLEM!!! By you saying that, i went back to check the exclusion list in the compositing tag that’s attached to the sky, and that was the case right there…i didn’t add the duplicated texts to the list.

Thank you SO MUCH!!!


I would like to thank everybody for taking the time to help me solve my problem.


No problem - glad you got it worked out !