HELP! How can I achieve this effect? (Splines?)


Does anyone here know how to achieve this exact effect? I got the look of the splines down but I don’t know how to do anything else. Help would be much appreciated. Basically, how can I map the splines likes this?

  1. Get some 3d human models. C4D comes with a couple rigged ones I think, or get an Adobe Fuse model or Daz model.

  2. Import them into C4D and pose them like the photo you’re trying to map splines onto. You’ll need your photo reference on a plane in c4d to try and match exactly:

  3. Then draw projected splines onto the model. See this video on how:

  4. Render out your projected splines with an alpha channel without rendering the models you projected on.

  5. Layer and composite in Photoshop or another image editor.


Thank you very, very much!