Help creating C4D special effects


Who here could help me in creating these special effects in Cinema. Im not an After Effects guy but could These 3 effects be easily created in C4D? Also no Turbulence or video clips…strictly inside cinema4D
Please help TIA


It’s nothing more than looping noise in a shader on a plane. Any competent intern would be capable of doing it.

Who in their right mind pays $53k for that pheonix shite? They need their head fixed.


Ok how bout you show me in a file what you are talking about since im a modeler and not a skilled animator like you…bad attitude btw


How about you at least have a go at what I suggested?

You describe yourself as a ‘packaging illustrator’ so you MUST at least have some some idea about creating materials. You must know how to layer materials, blending modes and working with transparency etc.

WRT to your comment ‘bad attitude’, I normally go out of my way to help those who are motivated to learn themselves and not just expect a file with all the work done. Show evidence that you have at least tried yourself and I will help you but expecting me to do the work for you is never going to happen.


I need to tell a client I can do it tomorrow. If its so fast and so simple I would like to PLEASE ask for your help! I need to add this effect to the model and I dont have the time to figure it out right now. I definitely will pick it apart afterwards. Youve given me a place to look but there are other factors in play . I fully know where layering and transparencies are but to animate them so that it matches this very nearly exact NO.(thats why im asking geez)