Help! Can't get password reset email


Help please, CGT admins!

My old account is now flagged as inactive (dgebel) and no matter how many times, the reset email never appears (been waiting for several attempts over 24hrs) on my original yahoo-based email address.

I tried to whitelist cgsociety with a filter but still nothing coming. The strangest thing is that I’m still getting the newsletter emails fine.

I tried to change my email address to another email provider from the “preferences” link in the newsletter, which said it worked, but nothing happened after that either. Haven’t gotten another email yet, so I don’t know if I completely botched it! Which is definitely a possibility, because NOW I get a 404 error when I tried to update the profile from that link. :frowning:

Ideally, I’d like to restore my inactive account - I’m hoping that the few old threads/WIP I had will be resurrected, but I suspect they have all been purged for being too old now. :frowning: Then I can switch off of Yahoo. They seem to have an overly aggressive anti-spam feature which deletes email before it even gets to my junk folder. Either that or they’re just plain flaky. They’re certainly slow enough picking up valid emails coming through so I suspect flakiness.


No worries we will take care of this with you.

At the moment old accounts with yahoo have issues so we will likely ask you to update to another provider as you stated but first we will get the reset for you.

Please email and let her know so we can forward this to the team

If you have two different accounts and want to update the old account it will need to be different than your new accounts email otherwise the system will mix it up

provide old user name and email and copy and paste the above please