Help! Belt Tags C4D


Hello, I hope your all well

New to this forum and I hope this post is in the right place. I’m new to Cinema 4d and I have been tirelessly trying to resolve an issue that I cant seem to figure out and there isnt any answers anywhere that really solve my issue.

I have been following a tutorial ‘Creating theatre curtains’ which seems to be very simple but the stage I start to stagger is ‘attaching belt constraints’ my issue is that I have selected in points mode my area where I would like my belt attached which doesnt seem to be a problem…but once I have done so and move my scene around (or object) the belt constraint is attached but the points that interest deform my object once I move it around whereas the tutorial I am following the points remain fixed and the curtain remains rigid. The problem is when I move on to animating revealing the curtain with the helper object I scale this yet the curtain does not move with the object. The influence is 100% yet there still is a looseness and stays unstuck to my object :frowning

If anyone could help me it would be great!

Thank you !


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