Help applying displacement maps details


Hey all,
I’m trying to use a scan based displacement map to create 3d texture onto my zbrush subtool.
I see the results I want from the displacement display, but when I apply the dismap, the surface moves and the edges explode out.*

Is there another way to get the results I see in the from the displacement display permanently onto the subtool?

without displacement:

Displacement display:

Applied DispMap:


i dont do [displacement maps that much so this may help,
go to tool>mask>mask by feature
this will mask the border.

go to tool>layer>new

then apply]([displacement maps

then go back to your layer adjust the slider to remove the bloating](


There are other ways to fix it too. For instance you can store a Morph Target before displacement, then use the Morph Brush to rub out the rough areas.


Thanks Informer and Dillster,

I found out that if I turned on the Mode switch it helped me see a better representation of “apply displacement” result, once I turn intensity down with the Mode on it looked closer to the middle result from above but still messed up the edges.

I ended up doing what you both suggested and created a pre-morph target and morphed the edges back into place with the borders masked.