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Hi Feri,

Correct, RebusFarm does not support Arnold at this time. I passed your question on to RebusFarm and this was their answer:

We would love to offer Arnold to our customers. Unfortunately Arnold doesn’t give us any licenses, so we can’t offer it at the moment. But we are working on it, to get Arnold soon!


Hi MrDojo, I mentioned the advantages of UDIM in the first video and how it allows for a higher resolution for a single mesh as well as for easier file management of the rest of the asset due to the UDIM file naming sequence which is easier to load in maya since it loads the entire sequence without having to load 10s of individual file nodes.
The UDIM workflow is not used in games and especially not in a game like Overwatch. My intention with this character is to make a cinematic/film/TV quality model which is pre-rendered and not in real time as this is a render centric class. This UDIM workflow is standard in those industries for meshes that are seen in close up.
You can check out more information on this topic here:


Hi Kizkay,
For sure! Yeah I export the displacement map from the non posed model and then I pose the low the res.
In the A-pose or T-pose mesh I usually make sure to have no tight areas where it would bleed from one part to the other. This projection issue usually happens with a normal map or AO, but I noticed in ZBrush’s displacement baking it does not suffer from it. I am assuming it bakes every quad separately or something like that for the displacement. The way it does it behind the scenes does not cause baking issues in tight areas like on closed lips for example. Only with other ZBrush exported maps does it cross project from one thing to the other causing a bake error. In the case of this project I am not using a normal map to render the body/skin mesh and only used the normal map as a standin detail map in Mari. For the body/skin mesh I will be rendering the displacement map. So I was not worried about the lips for example having baking issues since this does not occur in the displacement map. If I was exporting or baking that normal map for a game I would open the mouth so that the lips dont have a baking issue. Since in that case in games the normal map is my final map.

I did export normal maps for the cloth parts and the sword for the purpose of extracting other maps from those normal maps in Substance Painter. I will also be not using those maps for render as I am going to be using the displacement for any mesh that has a high resolution subdivision in ZBrush. My normal map export served only as a proxy standin for detail within Mari for skin, while the cloth/sword normal maps served as a temporary bake map to extract curvuture/worldspace/AO from in Substance painter for the purpose of texturing, but will not be used in the final render. Those meshes did not have bake issues since they had no intersection.


Hello, I have some problems in the creation of my character after sculpting, what’s the next step and have problems in generate Uvs


I received an e-mail with updates on week 3 but there is a problem with the links.
When I try to sign up for the week 3 Q & A i get a zoom page saying that I can’t register because the webinar is over.
Also when I click the link for the replay of week 2 Q & A it just opens lecture 3 video page.


Hi, we’re looking into the Q&A link issue…
The link to the Week 2 Q&A replay is here:

Thank you for your patience!