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@TamMebonia Yep, that’s perfectly fine!


Hi there. I was just wondering, in order to be eligible for the contest, are there any specific software we are to use? Or are we able to use any that we have, for example, if I use 3ds Max and render it out in Arnold, would I be eligible to enter the contest? And also, what format is the homework to be submitted in? Do I submit the entire file like 3ds Max or Maya file or just save it as an image/screenshot?


@cfunaro Thank you for clearing that up :slight_smile:


Hope this is the place to ask this question; I’m really new to character modelling and from I saw from week 01 video, it seems like I need to have intermediate knowledge regarding character modelling, and also I thought the class would be start on 6th october ( my fault). from the video I really need to follow exactly like the video?, thank you in advance for answering.

P/s I just open the forum today 4/10/2019


I omar, i have to use the same character design? or can I use my own or other artists design for the entire course.


Hi! You’re supposed to choose your own character. This is just my demo character. I look forward to seeing your submission.
Thanks !

Week 3: RebusFarm Homework Submissions

Hi Omar. I was just wondering if I can use 3ds Max to model my character? Or if you have a list of software we can use other than Maya? Thanks.


Hi! You can use any software you prefer. I don’t think there’s a rule for which software to use for the contest.
You can check the guidelines here.



Hello Sir. It was an amazing experience in viewing your video. Just wanted to know in what file format do we need to sumit our artwork


Thank you! :slight_smile: I think all rules are posted on the guidelines page. Link posted above.


does not include the part of the modeling of the face or anatomy?


HI Omar,

Very interesting video for learning character pipeline. I’m a lighting comp artist and I dont have enough experience in Zbrush and Maya modeling to do the first week assignment. Will take me weeks to get some usable model… Can I use your model to follow the next weeks, as shading and light are my main interests? My main goal is to learn look_dev.


Steven Bindley


quick question here: since i saw a big emphasis on the character’s likeness to the concept, is it important to make a character based on an existing artwork? I ask this because i was thinking of making a character without a specific reference. Thanks in advance!


I second the above question. I do have a reference, but it’s more of general concept sketch and not a true concept art/illustration with a finished look.


Hi miguelitro. In the video I cover sculpting the face and matching it to reference.


Thanks artefactum! I recommend attempting your own model or finding free models available online. having modeling/UV experience will help you in lookdev. Especially because texturing the models is often a part of lookdev. It will help you a lot to have a basic understanding of modeling. Try it out. Even a few days of modeling can get you at least something to start doing lookdev on.


Hi Leonardo and TamMebonia! No it is not required for your character. You can create any character based on something that already exists or something of your own design. I just covered matching to a concept art because that is the most common character modeling task on a production.


I need to make the same concept in 3d? or can I pick another?


You can pick any concept.


Hi there, the first video was nice to look at but it didn’t explain why/how we use UDIMs. Is there a resource which could shed some light on this subject ? on first glance it seems so many texture sets are WAY to expensive (?) Props for, i.e. overwatch, generally use a single 2k texture maximum. Do the characters really get so much more texture space to get even texel density ?