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Start Here! Character Pipeline and Rendering Course (Rules, Details)
Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions
Week 2: RebusFarm Homework Submissions
Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham
Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions
Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions
Week 4: RebusFarm Homework Submissions

Hi! If I understand correctly we will be using Maya for this course. Is it possible to use Blender instead?


In addition to the previous question by Jaycie, is VRay necessary or can it be substituted by another render engine of a similar caliber?


Omar will be using Maya and Vray though technique for most should translate to Blender. I will see if we can find a strong Blender user to confirm and give a hand as well.

To be eligible to win prizes you will need to be registered with rebus and use their service for rendering so any compatible render software should work. Have a look here to see which apps are supported.


Hi there. I was just wondering if there are any other software we are able to use other than Maya or Blender. Is 3Ds Max an option?


Hi, I thought that I registered correctly via replying on the introduction thread & signing up for the webinar, but I must not have…When I click the link for the wk1 video, there’s no video present.
Apart from being logged in & the above stesps, is there something else I need to do to unlock/see the weekly video?

Here’s a screenshot if that helps.

Thanks for any guidance you could throw my way regarding this issue!



I have the same problem and i’ve looked all over the website but cannot figure this one out. I’ve applied via email registration a month ago, then i saw video already has views but is not available for me. so i left a comment on Introduction thread, but still the same. Some feedback from CGSociety would be appreciated, thanks


Hi folks, the video will be uploaded today, probably by 1pm PST. Thank you!
@Glenese Hand @Taljo


Hello. Quick question. I know I’m not probably supposed to ask here, but has the Lesson 01 Video gone live yet? It’s 7:00 pm on the 1st of October where I’m at (Dubai). Just wondering. :smile:


Hi @rahulsarkara, I moved your question over to the Help section. Thanks for checking in! The video will be uploaded today, probably by 1p PST. Thank you!


@Taljo @Glenese Hand @rahulsarkara Hi all, the video is now uploaded. Thank you for your patience!


thank you for assistance ^^


Thank you! Much obliged.


Is there an individual deadline for each homework submission? Let’s say one of the assignments takes a little longer than a week and we’re able to catch up later. Does it still count?


@TamMebonia Yep, that’s perfectly fine!


Hi there. I was just wondering, in order to be eligible for the contest, are there any specific software we are to use? Or are we able to use any that we have, for example, if I use 3ds Max and render it out in Arnold, would I be eligible to enter the contest? And also, what format is the homework to be submitted in? Do I submit the entire file like 3ds Max or Maya file or just save it as an image/screenshot?


@cfunaro Thank you for clearing that up :slight_smile:


Hope this is the place to ask this question; I’m really new to character modelling and from I saw from week 01 video, it seems like I need to have intermediate knowledge regarding character modelling, and also I thought the class would be start on 6th october ( my fault). from the video I really need to follow exactly like the video?, thank you in advance for answering.

P/s I just open the forum today 4/10/2019


I omar, i have to use the same character design? or can I use my own or other artists design for the entire course.


Hi! You’re supposed to choose your own character. This is just my demo character. I look forward to seeing your submission.
Thanks !

Week 3: RebusFarm Homework Submissions