Help And Advice For 3D Paintover


Hello there, I’m Jai! I’m working on an indie game called Bindstone and I’m struggling with something hopefully I can get some feedback or tips and suggestions on.

I’ve done a few practice stones based on the tutorials here: and they’ve come out good. I’m having trouble applying it in a larger scale though and would like some feedback from the community.

I’m creating an isometric tower defense style game and have been working on it for a few years. Originally my game was painted and sketched in 2D, however I found myself spending a lot of time drafting buildings. To avoid that I modelled the whole map in 3D and rendered it with rough textures and am in the process of painting over that 3D render.

When I make a small number of stones from scratch based on the stone tutorial available in the link above I’m really happy with the results. When I’m painting over the 3D rocks they already have lighting and color on them and I’m having difficulty pushing them to the same level of polish and beauty without losing that lighting information.

I’m especially struggling with color selection and can’t seem to make the 3D paint-over as dynamic or interesting as my practice paintings and would really appreciate some advice!

Here are some links to the assets I’m working with (my 3D paintovers) and the results of just fleshing out stones from scratch by hand. I’m looking for tips on how to move forward with painting over the 3D rocks. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.



Thanks again for reading this, any thoughts, paintovers, advice appreciated!