Hello, nice to meet you everyone!


Hello! I realized I’m not very good at sharing things online and generally getting into social media, but I’m excited to be a part of a society of my peers.

To be as brief as possible, I’m a former pre-vet student who recently graduated from an Animation & Visual Effects program. I still have an obsession with animals and I tend to gravitate towards making hybrids and interesting organic thinga-ma-bobs. I love learning about anything with grooming/hair! (The more resources the better!) And I get excited about interesting textures and surfacing techniques.

I look forward to meeting other artists and gradually improving at my craft. Thanks for reading my post!

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Nice and very interesting.
keep it up.


Pleasant and intriguing.
keep it up.


Great to have you here.

As a pre vet student i bet you have some great anatomy resources which is something artist can never have enough of. Looking forward to having you on the site.