Hello_M.D-2027, NHAN LE (3d)


Title: Hello_M.D-2027


Hello everyone.This is the latest personal project of mine. Hello_MD-2027 is set in 2027, when the earth is suffering a strange epidemic that hinders human reproduction, that countries around the world are very interested the children, always put the development of children on the top. My son and I were fortunate enough to receive a pair of travel tickets to visit the moon, But not knowing why our spacecraft was flying in the wrong direction, could fall into a black hole, The journey became interesting as our spacecraft accidentally landed on a strange planet, the vegetation here quite similar to the earth except that it seemed to be capable of nourishing the fetus. This may have been secretly covered by governments, and they may have found the planet long ago and borrowed the reproductive capacity of the plant on this planet in conjunction with the technology. to maintain the race of the human race, who knows … But more importantly, my son, while waiting for me to look around, was facing the indigenous people, it was tremendous, looking like a forest guardian … I still have not figured out what was going to happen next, but it seems benign. (Native people are inspired a lot from GROOT character, I’m a fan of GROOT )
This picture is dedicated to my son.
Image was rendered in 5000 × 2414 pixels.

Enjoy and hope you like it!
Please feel free to check out the making-of video (HD) :