Hello Everyone


This is the frist,I come to here,nice to meet you…










there is soming about these that make me want to hurt you. you know when the japanese kids got seizures a couple of years a go. maybe it the color combonation. I wouldn’t show these to any one else, you might get hurt.


Sorry,I don’t know what’s your mean?


Good work, i like alot of them… although some are a bit weird … You have alot of talent though, keep up the good work.


I like pages 1 and 5 best because they seem more sentimental. Nice colors and composition on the “Looking for you now” picture. The “girl and her bot” are very cute together and I really like the detail you’ve put into the city background. Pages 2 and 3 look like they could use more work to make them look less flat.

Good stuff!


They’re excellent! Very expressive. So sad and beautiful. I really like the one with the cats, it is so sweet :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!



Great painting daveywu
Keep it up. and we welcome you to CGtalk :buttrock:

Best Regards
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Thank you,thank you everybody.I’m so happy!Nice to meet you.I’ll work harder.Thanks again.


I’m very happy to see chinese opus.
Full steam ahead!!!


Thank you mininer,I’m glad to meet you…


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