Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone! I am new to this website and this is my first time being here.

Background Information:

I took a course on Udemy to learn how to 3D model and after that the rest of the 3D modeling I did was self taught. It gave me enough information to me in the right direction. It has been about 4 years since I started 3D modeling and have been trying to improve ever since. Eventually it gave me enough courage to try and start selling some of the things I made online.

If I am allowed to post a link to where I am selling my 3D models I will gladly add it to this post especially because I would also like some feedback or tips from the experts here.


I use Blender to do all of my 3D modeling, GIMP if I have to create or edit any textures, and Marmoset Tool Bag so that when I want to share my 3D models it will be easier for people to see what they look like.


Welcome to the forum


We re glad to see you here mate!