Hello everyone


Hey guys, I’m new and I’m excited to get involved.

Little bit about myself, I am a painter and printmaker. I started a small shop in St. Petersburg FL and began inventing a new process using CNC machining and papermaking.

What’s more relevant to why I joined here, is this past year I started a blockchain company with an awesome group of people. It’s called Peerion, and it is all about creating an environment where artists can build out the brand and story through contests and bounties, and entrepreneurs have a fighting chance through start-up funds and networking.

Artists can become part of comprehensive projects such as games, comic books, and movies while getting paid and making stuff all our community members can not only enjoy, but feel involved in.

Our first art contest is here: Art Call

If there is an appropriate thread to post art calls or contests, I couldn’t find it. Please share the link for the thread.

And from what I can tell, this community is very talented and I can’t wait to make some friends and have my work ripped to shreds =).


Hi there.