Hello out there, i’ve watched the film and inspired by Hellboy once again…
so this is what i got so far within couple of days…
c&c welcome!


Looks really really really good so far, now give me them wires too…


side view…


superlayer, you are very fast, mate :slight_smile: i’m shocked up your speed


really good! :eek:


This is realy best modeling man whooowwwaaaa oohhh goood


this is sweet, I love hellboy. My only crit is the horns look soft, and the corners of the mouth look… well I’m not sure but my eye keeps telling me to look back there. I think it might be the weird fold that maby goes too far down and that curl at the end of it from the side veiw. I love the narow eyes and protruding cheeks bones it gives him the character that he suposed to have. sweet. oh yeah you should give him a cleft chin too.


I just had to look again and I agree that the horns should be a little more rough and maybe add a little more detail to them to set the material apart from the skin.
Apart from that I really like this model and I think your modeling skills are excellent.


thanks for replies guys, here is an update and little reshaping.


Looks great! Great start on the body.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is the ears. I think they should be positioned a bit more back, almost behind the jaw line.

Keep up the great job! :slight_smile:


lookin good


Very good so far. I like the ears I don’t see really anything wrong with them. Great start on the body also. I can’t wait to see him finished. I hope we get to see him textured and maybe an animation. Once again great start.



Wow, that looks great. What method(s) did you use? Can you give any pointers??


great stuff are you going to do a version with the full horns and the fire crown


thank all for replies!

readytograduate: Thanx a bunch! :slight_smile:

CG Monkey: Thanx for hint, i keep this in mind, :thumbsup:

jayashton: though i recruiter at texturing I hope to texture him when modeling will be finished, but firstly will try to rig :slight_smile:

OceanMachine45: I use both of poly by poly method (mainly) (Shift dragging the edges, 3dsmax) and the box modeling!

MassiveOverHual: Yes, thinking also about the whole horns version…
Fire crown? hmm… May be i should watch movie again :surprised



would the poly-by-poly method be considered the same as connect poly shape in Maya?


i would think so ocean its kinda like extruding edges


If you are basing this off of the character from the movie, it looks more like Frankenstein than Ron Perlman. Otherwise, looking great. Keep it up.


That model is exellent? are you using Maya?



OceanMachine45: don’t know wiether it is the same method or not, i use 3ds max… know not much about Alias Maya :shrug: I’ve just started to learn it too. :smiley:

Oculus: Yes, you are so right… character from Movie I had in mind firstly, but after, i decided to make him more custom :slight_smile: (well said about Frankie btw :slight_smile: )

Kael: Thank You. No, right now i use 3dsmax… :slight_smile: