Head Animation


Just finished an instructional video on how to rig and animate a head and this is what I ended up with. Pretty proud of it. :slight_smile: What do you think?

I was able to use the new point animation around the character’s eyes and lips to accentuate things that my base morphs were not built for. It is a very natural process. One of those tools that you just can’t imagine having lived without a few minutes after using it.


Hey Wegg…do you think the technique would lend itself for Cartoony eyes?

By the way…nice animation…little sudden there at the end but overall nice!


The lattice deformer would be what cartoon eyes need.


Hey Wegg,

Pretty nice, would like to see hwo that’s set up. (bought the update, but no time to play with it :frowning: )
Perhaps add some more secun. anim. to it (nose, forhead,ect … )
Taron’s neck thingie (zbrush) would really boost it up there, I recon :slight_smile:



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