HB ModellingBundle V2.3 RELEASED! Free Update with new tools


Hello Folks,
A new exciting Version of HB ModellingBundle is ready. I always work on the existing Scripts and add great new Tools.
This Version V2.3 comes with new Tools like HB_Mirror and HB_Selector and a Cool Preserve Shape Mode for HB_Relax.

You will also find some Improvements of existing tools and a new Color Scheme for R20.
All Scripts are fully compatible with CINEMA 4D R20.

Find out what´s new in this update here:


I am especially excited about HB_Selector as it allows a completely new Workflow of selecting and modifying Objects in the Viewport.
Please watch this Video to understand what this is. You have to try this new Workflow.

HB ModellingBundle V2.3 Part 1

HB ModellingBundle V2.3 Part 2

happy modeling, Holger
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v2.3 10/2018
[New] HB_Mirror
[New] HB_Selector
[New] Preserve Shape option for HB_Relax
[New] Preserve Shape option for HB_SelectionToCircle
[New] HB_SolidBevel
[New] ColorScheme „DarkFlat“
[Improved] Added Shortcuts optimized for US Keyboards
[Improved] All Coffee Scripts where rewritten in Python for R20 compatibility
[Improved] New Icons Designs for 4K Displays
[Improved] HB_SlideMode (used to be part of RetopoScript)
[Improved] HB_Convert (used to be HB_SmoothedgeConvert )
[Improved] HB_Convert: Support for Converting SlideMode
[Improved] HB_Clone: Shift modifier to clone connected Polygons
[Improved] HB_CloneXYZ: Combined Plus and Minus Scripts in one (Alt-Modifier)
[Improved] HB_CloneXYZ: Shift Modifier to clone all connected Polygons
[Improved] HB_ConvertSymmetry: Works also with Child Object selected
[Improved] HB_LoopSelection: CTRL for Boundry Selection
[Improved] HB_LoopSelection: SHIFT to enable Polymode
[Improved] HB_Move: CTRL to enable Normal Move
[Improved] HB_PathSelection: ALT enables Free Path Mode
[Improved] HB_PipeIt: Added Functionality for SHIFT and ALT modifiers
[Improved] HB_SymmetryFix: Multiple Objects
[Improved] HB_SymmetryFix: SHIFT-Mode to use Tolerance
[Improved] HB_SymmetryFix: Use only Selected Points or Edges
[Improved] HB_SymmetryMaker: Multiaxis Symmetry
[Improved] HB_SymmetryMaker: Alt Modifier for Negative Symmetry
[Improved] HB_SymmetryMaker: Multiple Objects Support
[Improved] HB_ToggleMode: Integrated HB_Selector functionality
[Fixed] HB_Move: Axis modes work now again
[Fixed] HB_SelectionToCircle: Issue where Points where projected wrong
[Fixed] HB_MakeQuads: Several BugFixes
[Fixed] HB_ConvertSymmetry: Fixed an Issue
[Fixed] HB_SymmetryMaker: Issue when Object not at Origin
[Fixed] HB_Slidemode: Issue with projection


Looks very nice! Congratulations on the release!



Great! Thanks!


Hi Holger,

quick question since it wasn’t completely clear from the Video:
Does your tool set also offer symmetrical editing, without usage of the symmetry object?
I often used Mirror Point Position from Fabian, but it doesn’t run in R20 anymore.

I use ut for topological symmetric characters (same point count) but can’t use symmetry object since they are already rigged and weighted and all.




no you cant use symmetrical editing without symmetry object. you just save a lot of clicks with holgers scripts :slight_smile:


As said. No symobject is still needed. Hb_selector helps you select the polyobjects in symmetry hierarchies. Also it flips the symmetry if you hover over the wrong side of the symmetry. Its very helpful for medelling especially when your symmetry is made of several meshes.


Ahh gotcha. thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: Nice package anyway! Would you consider to implement something like I mentioned in future?

Kind regards



Sorry true symmetry workflow is something MAXON has to integrate as its a deep functionality that needs to work with all tools etc. I am not able to make this happen. sorry.


fun thing is maxon already got live symmetry (even radial symmetry and so on) in their sculpting tools for long time. wonder why they cant get this to work for standard modeling tools


How can i upgrade to 2.3? I already own 2.2. Thanks


You should have received an email at the address you used to purchase it. Check your spam or send the dev an email.


I bought it from helloluxx or motionworks. Will double check but I’m quite sure I did not receive any email from either one. I got proof of purchase so I guess can always use that as a last resort. Thanks


Just write me to support@holgerbiebrach.com. I will than send you the update again.


Hi Holger, is it possible you can add a script to your great collection. I have upgraded to R20 and the only tool I am missing is a replacement for Split and kill. To detach a selection of polygons from an object into a new objects and clean up the unused points on the original object.


Hi, yes I am planing such a tool for the future. Thanks for reminding me.


Perhaps this might help (R20 is killing the unused points by default):

import c4d
from c4d import gui
# Welcome to the world of Python

# Script state in the menu or the command palette
# Return True or c4d.CMD_ENABLED to enable, False or 0 to disable
# Alternatively return c4d.CMD_ENABLED|c4d.CMD_VALUE to enable and check/mark
#def state():
#    return True

# Main function
def main():
    c4d.CallCommand(14046, 14046) # Split
    c4d.CallCommand(12109) # Kill

# Execute main()
if __name__=='__main__':


while ago, I found this: