Having a hard time navigating to the right page


Specifically, I had to go through another users topic to get to the week 2 lecture, since it doesn’t show next to the week 1 lecture. Can we have all the weeks added to the first page (the one with the banners for “Lecture 1 Video” and “Classmate Discussions” ?

Or is it just me who have this issue? Is this account related?


I had the same issue, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also went through a link one shared.


Navigation does feel a little unintuitive, but I think if you bookmark this link, you will find all future lecture and homework threads: https://forums.cgsociety.org/c/sponsored-courses


Great, this is sort of what I was looking for!


Just checking if this is what you see on the forums home page or not? It should all be visable there in the link Lyraina posted. I am guessing you got the link from the newsletter and have not used the forums before or something on our end is set up wrong where you dont see it. Let me know and we will fix it for you.