Have you tries/used new LW2018?


Hello all,
just wondering if you guys tried the new 2018 version: I’d like if you could share your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
A LW 7 user


Hi thinkinmonkey,
haven´t had to much time to test it much but I for one am quite exited about everything that 2018 brought. Quit a bit of re-learning as the new render engine takes a different approach. But offers so many more possibilities. And all the rest of the new (smaller) features look very promising, too. Especially when you add ODTools 2018. You´d love the layoutCam view in Modeler.
Definitely more than worth the upgrade, especially when you come from v7!
check out http://forums.newtek.com/forumdisplay.php?18-LW-Community
A much more lively forum over there…


Oh, I see, sure.
Thank you very much.


Hi guys,

Nice to see Lightwave moving forward. Very happy indeed :slight_smile:
Still don’t like the UI so will probably hold till the next version :sad:
Cheers :cool:


Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I’m learning it now with my new PC build.