Have fun guys


Heya guys saw this lil challenge happening here, and just thought I’d setup this forum to help you all keep it nice and tidy.

Also I didn’t want to confuse the other members if they happened across your challenges and then start emailing me about it :slight_smile:

Good to see you all using your apps like this, never know it might catch on :slight_smile:

have fun!



Unofficial software specific mini-challenges.


Wonder what this is about.


I wondered where all of our dwarves went! Took me a couple of minutes to notice this…

That’s a mouthful of a forum title:eek: Did you set that up Wegg?


That’s a mouthful of a forum title Did you set that up Wegg?


speaking of which, when this moves into a new month and challenge, will we have another sub-directory or will all the challenges be on one list?


I’m as confused as you guys are. I’m trying to find out whats going on.


I merged my thread with yours, guess I should’ve made it a sticky.



makes sense now, hi Tito (amazing how many ex-hashers still come back here…


Thats a good name for it.

Thanks Tito.


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