Haszon Ákos's #DrawCember sketchbook thread


wonderful! love the painting style!


Very good again! :slight_smile:


Thank you Beatrix and Grafik!


Day 22

The shepherds and the angel


Love Day 22.


Love Day 22.


It is really lovely. I wish you a wonderful Holydaytime with your family and loved ones :smiley:


Thank you RocaTeithmore, MackSztaba and everybody!

Merry Christmas for everyone!


An amazing entry to top it off ! :applause:
Absolutely loved all your entries, mate.

Merry Christmas to you.


Your day 22 image is beautiful! Love the glow /transparent look of the spirit.

Congrats on making it to the end :slight_smile:


Open rocks uner the night sky give you impressions like those, don’t they. Something about it.

Don’t know where you came up with your various aspects of the winter space. I must find them a bit peculiarly European, if I don’t mistake. A real case study… or dissertation, anyway.

Glad I ran into your thread.

And the little frost writer at the window gets my vote.

Good job getting them done.



Really great stuff from start to the end! Loved all your work and i hope to see more of it because you’re one of the persons that i’ll follow like a good stalker and see what new images you’ll come with :smiley: Wish you a Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Thanks again for everything,
it was good to do it!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Everyone!


Amazing day 22, congrats on pulling this journey to the happy end :slight_smile:
Happy holidays!


Congrats! This thread is pure awesomeness! Thank you for inspiration!


day 22 is a spectacular painting!
Very introspective!
Merry Christmas!:applause:


Congratulations for completing the challenge! Your work is very impressive!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Kellemes Ünnepeket és Boldog Új Évet! :slight_smile: