Haszon Ákos's #DrawCember sketchbook thread


I love that planet painting :smiley: It looks super neat, though it doesn’t look suitable for ice skating haha.


Very good idea and painting!


Thank you Beatrix, Justcallmeinsane and POSEIdOON !


Day 18

The stuntman in winter


Day 19

He has become a deer


Nice work Ákos! :thumbsup:


Köszi Zoli!


Wow! Very good!


Köszi Beatrix!


Sheesh, I wouldn’t mind having that reindeer printed :wink:
And the stuntman one just makes me smile for some reason. You have such a particular sense of humor in your illustrations !

As usual, you rock, mate…


Love theselast two! Specially the reindeer!


Thanks Lammakian and Grafik!


Day 20

Accurate north pole point


Looking at that stuntman - man, it’s just not that cold where I am here.

We have a term here for the advanced case of the deer man. It’s called cabin fever. The icicles never quite clear from the veins.

Accurate north pole - I’ll bet. If only Admiral Byrd had known.

Carry on with your bad self. Knocking them out.


Thanks Joel!
Next time will continue


Always great stuff fustifoccs! I love your environments and designs :slight_smile:


Hi Ákos. I have just found your thread.
I am very impressed with your ability to create such fully realized and creative pieces every day.

Snow Angel is fantastic but I really love Peanut. Not sure what is going on there but such cuteness.
Much respect.


Pure awesomeness. Hat’s off to you… :bowdown:


Thanks for your kind comments, Lammakian, Wyatt and POSEIdOON !


Day 21


Hungarian Christmas folk custom