Haszon Ákos's #DrawCember sketchbook thread


Damn! That peanut image is so realistic man… have no idea how you do it!!! Blow my mind


Thanks for your kind comments Beatrix, POSEIdOON, STFVIT and nkirill !



Fun stuff!

And great skill.

I could name a bunch.

Peanut man. Frost writer at the window, man at the bench with the snowman. Cool stuff. The frost creature on the branch just looks like shards of cold.

Nice thread.


Thank you Joel! I’m glad you like my thread!


Day 16

The Little Match Girl


Beautiful paintings.


Your work is so greatttttt … It’s really inspiring !


Thanks for your kind comments, MackSztaba and Lammakian !


I’m curious, how long do paintings like these take you? They are amazing!


I was not happy with the lights.

I painted a little longer.


Dear LadyMedusa!
Thanks for your interest!
I painted it for circa 5 hours.


I think instead you should be happy with the lights.
Great picture:)


Thanks STFVIT !
I was not satisfied with the previous version, maybe right now.


Wonderful stuff man! Like the way you develop your ideas.




Day 17

There is life on the Europa? :slight_smile:


Thank you Grafik and Gfigueroa!


Man, it’s just amazing! Very inspiring!


Thank you Doomov!


Simple beautifull pieces. Loved the planet storms :slight_smile: