Haszon Ákos's #DrawCember sketchbook thread


Love the little straw-arms XD
I also REALLY really like your last piece. Very impressive.


Love the last one … awesome idea.


great lighting on the last one. I like how the backlights of the car reflecting in the snow :slight_smile: the turned on lights of the car are even strenghening the night mood. good job


Thank you for your comment, LadyMedusa, blazNU and Mother-of-Zar!


Wow… That sense of scale on that Snow Angel piece is mesmerizing. Gives me goosebumps.
Excellent idea, excellent execution. You rock, sir !


Thank you Lammakian!


Good idea! Very mystic!


Day 10

Youngster Indiana Jones and the snow slide of doom


Köszi Beatrix!


The lighting performance is fantastic.:slight_smile:


Thank you STFVIT!


Great painting fustifoccs!
The lighting got realistic and color. Loved this one


such a HUGE snowangel!!! it’s pretty scary, but very cool idea! Really let the viewers come up with their own story just by looking at it!


Very nice and funny! :slight_smile:


Love the giant snow angel.:grinning:Great work.


Day 11

Meanwhile on the moon…


Oh, man, you did it AGAIN !
That’s frickin’ awesome. The lighting, the idea… Jeez, your work is so cool ! :eek:

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage, the patience and the skills to pull something like that…


Wow! Crazy good stuff! Don’t know how I missed updates in your thread, but your works are freaking awesome!


Thank you for your kind comments!
It means a lot to me!


Wow, your pictures are almost like photos… amazing :o
I really adore the twisted stories the pieces tell and the cold and wintery atmosphere.
So nice work :smiley: