Has anyone taken any online courses from the Gnomon School


I was looking at potentially taking a course online at the Gnomon school. I live in Toronto, Canada so an online course would be the only way. If you’ve taken in online course in the past or are taken one currently, could you share your revies and feedback .


I haven’t taken it but it is supposed to be very good.

But FYI -since you are in TO-you might find it cheaper to go to Sheridan (Oakville campus) which is one of Canada’s original-possibly the first- CG animation schools…many pros came out of there over the years.
I don’t know how much it is now-but it was very reasonable in the 1990’s.

Needed a portfolio to get in however…likely still true.


Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately right now I can’t commit to a full-time program :frowning: The program at Gnomon is more like a basics I think. It cover modeling, lighting, texturing animation etc. Not entirely sure how deep they cover certain topics or not. I’ve already started self learning as well. I also hear about Animation Mentor. A little pricy almost 3000 but I heard like it’s super intensive for animation. I appreciate the feedback though! By any chance are you in animation ?


GNOMON and CGMA both heavily curated and updated to stay current. You have some great brick and mortars around you as well.


Sadly CGMA only has a full rigging course. I mean that isn’t bad to know either. At Gnomon, the only thing I was able to find for their online courses was


Seems like that’s the closest they offer. Have you heard of Animation Mentor? Also, the brick and mortar places around me only do full-time programs. I work FT so that would be kind fo hard!


I see on CGMA this rigging program teaches body mechanics as well!

I don’t think that’s fully animation though? Could be wrong. I potentially thought about rigging but I’ll need to played around with it a bit more in tutorials so see if it’s something i’d think of doing.


Mike macqrewicz not sure how to spell his name works ar pixar and has some great workshops though not sure about a full course online


I’ve not personally taken an online class through Gnomon, but I have taken one through CGMA. Something to ask both schools is how they handle it when their instructors hit crunch time.

My CGMA instructor hit crunch time towards the beginning of our class and, IMO it had a negative effect on the over-all class itself. I mean, I get it, that would certainly screw me up too, but if you’re paying 500-1000$ for a class, you probably don’t want that happening.

Just something to look out for. I’ve always found the reps at both schools to be very accessible and ready to answer questions, so that may be worth asking both places.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll deodnteky do that.sorry this may sound dumb but what do you mean by crunch time ?


Crunch time is an industry standard term for the time when a critical deadline is approaching. It often means extra days of work during the week (as in both Saturday and Sunday), and also involves a lot of extra hours each day (even all-nighters are not unheard of). So when your instructors are working professionals, who are also teaching on the side, you can see where hitting that crunch time could be detrimental.

Like i said, I get it - the LAST thing I would want to do after a 80 hour week is log on to teach a 4 hour class on Sunday night. But like I said, when you’re paying that much for a class …

My instructor did his best to not allow it have an impact, but you could tell he was exhausted.

So I would just see if they have some kind of policy or something like that.


Oh wow, yea i could imagine that would be hard on them. Yes for sure I’ll defintely will! 100% I appreciate the feedback!


Best likely option is to have two overlapping instructors following the same course who don’t have the same crunch time.

Even if willing you likely don’t get the ‘best’ out of an over-worked instructor…

At the other extreme make sure your course isn’t a ‘if-you-can’t-do-teach’ kinda deal.
(Which Gnomon and Animation Mentor should be safe).
A ‘teacher’ who isn’t good enough to get a job in the industry -but is hired by a school who don’t know how to evaluate a CG instructor ain’t better than reading a manual and not worth paying for.

So find out who a instructor is and look them up…also check reviews of the course and instructor.
Sometimes the negatives are a red flag. But other times its under-achieving students with a gripe.


For sure Indeidntely will. The thing with Gnomons program is it’s more general, not sure how much exposure till get to animation I’ll definitely need to ask them. CGMA has a really good Rigger TD program, but I’m still playing around with rigging to see if that’s something I’d actually enjoy long term. Besides Animation Mentor, I came across Anim school! They have a character animation and an animation program. Their YouTube is updated, as Animation mentor was updated in 2007! Have you heard anything good about Anim School?