Harley Quinn Painting


TRY THIS LINK http://www.blackparasite.com/2016/08/how-to-draw-manga-anime-marvel-dc.html



Hello BlackParasite,

It looks good, it’s like a digital painting tutorial. :slight_smile:

I am, however is still hesitant posting my illustrations on this forum because of the quality of work that can be seen here.

Looks good, man!



Thank you, yes it’s is tutorial

Every artist has their own style, if you’re feeling less good, I recommend learning the style of others. :slight_smile: Because we love to learn. and do not feel better at or the best.

I have seen your site, I think you’ve got style… good luck (y)

try this :



Thanks, BlackParasite!

I bookmarked your website. It’s very helpful to other artists like myself. :slight_smile: