Harley Davidson Iron 883 model 2013 (WIP)


Hi people!

This is my last personal project, a Harley Davidson Iron 883 model 2013 to a App that I would be develop about Customized Motorcycles. This model doesn’t made with optmizations that it need, because your production is more an experiment. Each part had a your own material and texture, are more than 65 parts!!!

The model is here:
Harley Davidson Iron 883 (2013)

So, I’m working in textures and materials now, the model will be finished into Sketchfab.com.

So, coments are welcome!
Thnaks and sorry my english!
Alessandro Lima


Hi people!

New updates. I’m thinking that I finished this model. So, coments are welcome!
The model can be watch in Sketchfab platform, link here!

Alessandro Lima