Hardwood Textures


I’m building an in-house 3D customizer to show customers their products. I’ve been creating my own textures for many of the features, but some of the public facing dimensions of the work need to have a much more polished look.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a source of HD seemless textures of common exotic hardwoods such as Purpleheart, Redheart, Wenge, Bocote, Cocobolo, and others. I work with a large variety of woods, and other inlay materials such as Paua shell, precious metals and pigmented epoxies.

Being able to show customers these items on 3D models would take my business to new heights, so if you know of anywhere I could find high quality textures of these materials or anything like them please let me know!

  • Jake


If you haven’t already, give Arroway a look: https://www.arroway-textures.ch/en