HANDHELD photogrammetry, high ISO, AI denoise... Doable/Advisable...?


Hello, is doing photogrammetry with Handheld Mirrorless DSLR (Cannon EOS M200), handheld, high ISO (800 lets say) and using newest AI denoise in Lightroom Classic possible…? Like will it look good? NO tripod involved (thus the need for high ISO setting in order to get at least 1/100s+ shutter speeds to hopefully NOT get blurry images) …?

I have currently Nikon D3200 which i use at home “studio” with tripod for photogrammetry for various objects/props i bring home. I was few times (like 2x times over the span of like 7 years (!)) in the terrain/outside with the camera and tripod… Only like 2x times over 7 years (!!). I always tell myself i will go exclusively a on photoscanning “journey”/trip to the city (i live in village) with the camera and tripod to scan objects i cannot bring home, but over the 7 years (!) i just never went, never “had the time” etc…

SO… i was thinking of getting a 2nd camera (Cannon EOS M200), PURELY for the purpose of “photogrammetry on the go” - to have a camera with me whenever i leave home for the city/outside. Its a smaller camera, so i can have it always with me and if i see something worth scanning (or just shooting for texture purposes) i will pull out the camera and “handheld” scan it… No more telling myself - “Oh… this is nice… ill come later back here with my Nikon and tripod and scan it”… Guess what - i NEVER DID, and thus “lost” the model/scan opportunity… (Few times I tried using a cheap smartphone i always have on me , but the scans are just not good…)

My question is: Is it worth it…? Like will the resulting scans be any good and more or less comparable with my nikon D3200 tripod scans…? Cause with the Cannon EOS M200 i will have to shoot without tripod (and even monopod), just handheld… Can you get a good looking scan handheld with such mirrorless camera…? Depending on the lighting, i will have to probably take majority of shoots with ISO 800, F8-F11, in order to prevent blurry images due to handholding the camera… I should be able to get at least shutter speeds of 1/100 sec and higher (1/125 etc.)… This should be enough to prevent blury images right…? I will denoise the high (800) ISO in lightroom classic using the newest AI denoise feature…

So could it be done, will the final scan be “any good” and comparable/ more or less the same quality as if done with a tripod at home…?

(will use agisoft metashape probably for the photogrammetry)

OR… can i shoot in full sun now these days? It was adviced that you should do scanning in shadow or when the sky is cloudy to get even lighting on your model… This is what i have always done, the downside is that there is LESS light entering the camera in these conditions, so you have to use tripod or high ISO settings… OR… did the “delighting” technology got so good over the years (i started 3d scanning like in 2015 or 2017 (?)), that you can now scan in full sun and auto remove the shadows later on with specialized tech ( i know agisoft metashape has some delighiting tools (2 seperate i think), Unity has some delighting tools, and there are probably others)… Did the delighting got so good over the years, that you can now shoot in full sun?