halogen light "Bloom" with flare



I’m doing a short mini spot for my final & wanted some input on recreating the halogen light “Bloom” with flare found hear:

http://www.mackevision.de/black_world.html#/project/4 (I reference the 4th image)

Goal is the crisp contrasty light effect and avoid the corny.

I can render a matte for the lights or track it.

Any input is appreciated


I’m not that as experienced in Shake as I am in After Effects, but Knoll Light Factory would be the quickest way to build that effect.

If you don’t have AE, you could get the Photoshop version and render out each flare element and link them in Shake



thnks for the link…

I had actually found a solution at highend3d ( lens flare macro for shake )



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